The Rapid Offer System
Gain An Unfair Advantage & Reap The Biggest Reward With This Direct Mail Piece...

What's The Number #1 Thing Your Sellers Ask Off of a Postcard?

"How Much Are You Offering?"

Well in this Postcard We Flipped The Script!

Introducing The Rapid Offer System!

The Only Direct Mail Piece with an Offer on It! 

Learn in this Video how Me & So Many Others Are Getting a 2-4% Response Rate on This Postcard, & also Learn How We are Able to Double The Amount of Deals By Implementing this One Strategy!

In this Course You Will Learn:

➡️ How to Pull The Perfect List for Maximum Results
➡️ How to Perfect Your Custom ROS Offers
➡️ How to Intake a ROS Mailer Phone Call from a Seller
➡️ How to Setup Appointments with Only Motivated Sellers
➡️ How to Convert a $100,000 Offer into a $40,000 Contract
➡️ Watch My Actual Recorded Appointments 
➡️ Watch Me & Learn How to Lock Up Deals Virtually with ROS Mailers 
➡️ How We Are Converting 33% of Our Denied Offers into Contracts!
➡️ How to Create "Fear of Missing Out" with Your Follow Up Mailings
➡️ Ask Us Anything! During Our Weekly ROS Coaching Calls

Blow Away Your Competition with a Mailer That Your Sellers Will Call First! 

Here's What You'll Get

                                                           ✅ ROS Market Analysis                                                  (Value $498)
                                                           ✅ ROS List Harvesting                                                    (Value $498)
                                                           ✅ ROS Offer Meter                                                          (Value $1,498)
                                                           ✅ ROS Conversation                                                       (Value $1,998)
                                                           ✅ ROS Private Template & Private Postcard Access  (Value $398)
                                                           ✅ Live & Recorded Weekly Coaching Calls                  (Value$2,998)
                                                           ✅ Deal Saver Bonus                                                        (Value $998)

                                                                                                      Total Value $8,886

 Total Price $8,886

❌ One Time Special $997
Save $7,889

Meet Your Coaches

Rick Ginn

Rick Ginn got a job out of college like most Americans got caught up in the rat race of corporate America and realized the pitfalls of working a 9-5! He had enough and in 2004 he started wholesaling real estate and was able to Quit his 6 Figure a year JOB and become a full time real estate investor that same year! Fast forward to today Rick runs one the largest Flipping/Wholesaling operations in the state of Florida. 
Rick's passion for helping other achieve the same dream he was able to back in 2004! Rick has been blessed to mentor over 10,000+ Students and help them achieve Time and Financial Freedom through real estate investing! Rick is the creator of The Handwritten Postcard System the #1 selling direct mail piece in Real Estate Wholesaling!

Zach Ginn

Zach Ginn is the 21 year old Son of Rick Ginn! Zach never had an interest in real estate growing up until he had enough at his minimum wage bag boy job at the age of 17. Zach went to Rick for mentorship on how to make money in real estate but Rick told him to find a way to get deal by himself. Zach Quickly went to reading books and Youtube and Learned how to Wholesale Real Estate. 

Zach Quickly grasped wholesaling and eventually made over $100,000 in wholesale fees before graduating high school & turning 18 by himself. After high school Zach quickly joined forces with Rick and he nows Runs the entire operations of Rick's Real Estate Investing Company. Zach has mastered his 10,000 hours into acquisitions & dedicated to helping you & sharing how you can become a complete real estate investor!

LET'S REVIEW THE Rapid Offer System 

Throughout 7 sections and over 28 lessons, this course leaves no stone unturned in the Rapid Offer System for you to Have Massive Success with The Rapid Offer System!

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